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Bekannt aus:

Are you an expert, coach, trainer, or therapist who's ready to take your business to the next level? Tired of dealing with the technical challenges that come with setting up and managing an online business?

Your time is valuable – don't waste it on the tech side of things. 
We will go this way together and sort it out once and for all!

You've seen too many possibilities already ...

You would rather not spend years and tens of thousands of USD for a maybe. You want to get a clear and simple way to your desired outcome. 

An easy to handle, ultra-simple digital set up that you can handle on your own if need be, and that simply works without all the tech overwhelm! 

The Tech part alone is annoying, and then comes the detail work ...

Maybe you have already booked expensive services that yielded less than any result for you, and you know how important it is to get your vision into the world. 

Then you also know that this is your way to get what you want!

This is your way:

Introducing the 12-Week Digital Mastery Program, designed specifically to help professionals like you conquer the digital space without the stress and hassle. With close guidance, step-by-step education, pure simplicity, authentic care and love, you will be accompanied to your digital vision, so you can focus on what you do best – transforming lives!

Anna Glück – Winner of Germany's next Speaker-Star

"... so many ways to finally get my online business on the road…. And with a lot of ease. I finally understood the connections because Stefan manages in a simple expression to teach people the whole thing with technology."

A crazy question for you:

What if 12 weeks is all that it takes for you to have a complete digital buisness set up done and ready to rock for your clients to enjoy?

You do not need to know how to code, build webpages, install hardware or software, connect it all with each other or any other crazy stuff that just wastes your time

Does this sound too good to be true, well, that is precisely what we will do for you!

The Truth about digital business building with tools

Too many possibilities

You are under constant fire of new and better ways to do things online, and nothing seems to be really for you ...

Too little time

We are busy, and building a business online, for months and months, is just not something you want to do!

We want simplicity

Technology should support you and be easy to handle while it does what you want! There is a way. 

... With our all-inclusive 12 week digital mastery program, you get exactly what you need to set up your vision online and have a digital business up and running!

Christina Horst

"... it is absolutely brilliant how much added value you provided in this program. From the bottom of my heart, a big thank you to you, Stefan."

Step 1

We set up all the tools you really need (do you have something already? We help you switch!)

Step 2

We create your webpage with ease and simplicity, that will engage, convince and empower your clients to take action.

Step 3

We create your offer and funnel for your digital set up and begin to prepare for clients!

Insider Tipp:

Many people book online tools out of desperation or because it just sounded good. But you lose so much money, time and nerves that you can save! When you get the best tools of the last 15 years recommended to you by an expert, and learn how to use them so that it stays easy and really works ... that is an immeasurable gain!

That is why this program will absolutely blow your mind!

With the "12 week all-inclusive digital mastery program" you are guided step by step, you save hundreds of hours of work and many thousands of
USD of effort at the same time!

Gabriela Glettler

Absolute unique

The program was really great. How you pass on your knowledge is absolutely unique! I have finally found my way online.

Eva Ledwon

Affiliate Marketer, Netzwerker, Onlineunternehmerin

You are a rockstar, Stefan

Thank you so much for this program! So informative and incredibly more value than the workshop cost. I now have everything I need at hand!

Anika Kaptur

Hausfrau, Mama, Onlineunternehmerin

I finally know what to do

The contents of the program were so valuable that I now finally have a real roadmap. I'm getting into action and am already implementing everything for myself. So fast, it's just spectacular!

In just 12 weeks, we'll help you:


Set up a professionally designed website


Implement a secure shopping-cart


Create an user friendly membership area


Establish an first engaging online course


Create your matching E-Mail-Marketing Campaign


Enable seamless account creation for your clients

And so much more ...

Monika Lanz

"... finally there is a human approach to technology .... So it's totally fun even for me as a tech muffle!"

Bonus 1

Weekly Input Calls with guidance to this weeks content!

Bonus 2

Weekly Q&A Calls to get all your questions answered and you moving forward with lightspeed.

Bonus 3

Buddy and Co-Working calls

Bonus 4 

Keep the content and use it from now on forward for your business with all step-by-step guides accessible to you.

Bonus 5 


We are all together in a combined Telegram Group!

Hier ein paar Testimonials

Jürgen Luber

"... unreservedly recommendable for beginners! Even as an advanced or expert, you just really never stop learning. There are so many great refreshers and new tricks that help everyone!"

Barbara Rosenfelder

"... To hear from a "Techi" - "The energy in this room is so beautiful - we'll all stay and soak it up a bit more" ... really nice! ... You really have a unique selling point there. .... Thaaank you!"

Martin Altherr

"... Stefan is really the "expert" when it comes to digitalization of the heart. He really knows how to make it easy. A big thank you".

Stefan Logar

After many years of international work with over 975 clients, I have finally understood how to help people save hundreds, if not thousands of hours of unnecessary effort.

Thanks to the simplest step-by-step instructions, the right basics and the connection of the heart and the human, an experience is created that has nothing to do with the usual tech stuff, but simply works!

This is accurately what I want to bring everyone closer to. Technology is a TOOL that we may use to reach our goals faster and should not consume our entire life.

That is precisely why I am so enthusiastic about the program “12 week digital mastery program” because it helps people from all walks of life, business levels, and more to finally bring ease, simplicity, time-saving and with heart their concerns into the world!

Daniella Schmid

"... It turned out even better than I thought! The exercises were really good... I can recommend it without reservation!"


Do I need any tools?

All tools will be presented directly in the workshop. You get the links to them and can then decide on the right tool based on the system you learn. A business that is run seriously always needs the willingness to invest. I have selected tools that are cheap and really work. So, you win twice.

How long does it take for me to set it all up?

Exactly 12 weeks, given you follow along and do your part during the program! 

Do we also learn what to write on the webpages and what content to use?

Yes, we are diving into the specific builds of clear, easy, and awesome webpages together

I dislike being online all the time, do I have to use the internet every day now?

I love to work after – less is more – so no, we are building an authentic business set up for you, that allows you to be who you are and compliments your work. However, now, you have a working framework for your digital business, that doesn't stress you out at every turn!

I can't join all the calls, can I still book the program?

Of course, we record everything, and you have access to our membership area!

Do I need technical know-how?

No! You are guided closely with basic and easy to follow step-by-step guides that make IKEA guides look like rocketsience. 

When should I not book this?

If you prefer to find out everything yourself!

If you enjoy months of tinkering, trying, and making bad investments!

If you don't like to invest in yourself or your business and think everything has to be free of charge!

If you don't want to learn new things, and are just looking for something to do!

If you prefer it hard and stressful instead of easy and direct!

Don't let technology hold you back any longer. Elevate your business and amplify your impact with our 12-Week Digital Mastery Program. Sign up now and experience the freedom of a fully optimized digital business!

A private message for you

I have heard from hundreds of people again and again how much money and time they had lost with approaches of “gurus, experts, agencies” who certainly do good work, but unfortunately can not or do not want to respond to the person. Save yourself negative experiences and see if the heart way and human approach fits for you. Expensive agencies and web developers may be able to create visually beautiful things, but the content is often more than useless. Luckily, these days you can create a beautiful, functional and unique website without expertise. Thanks to simple tutorials like this one! Man, I would have loved to have something like this when I started out, it would have saved me years of my time....

So make it easy for yourself, and instead of spending thousands of dollars on experts, come to the “12 week digital mastery program” step-by-step online course!

Heartfelt and sunny regards

Stefan Logar