For Experts, Coaches, and Consultants

Automate your Appointment Booking to Save Time and Money...

This is for you if you want to

Go the extra mile for your clients...

  • look more professional in the eyes of your clients and prospects.
  • build trust faster,
  • avoid cancelations,
  • remind your appointments automatically,
  • book appointments with only 1 click...
It's not so much a match if

You love Tech and figuring it all out on your own - this might be boring for you

If you don't mind to:

  • Figure out tech
  • can handle tech-overwhelm and frustration with tools
  • Love to compare and find the right tool for you
  • don't mind to spend money on tools that might not be right for you

You don't need this - however, if you want to make it easy on you get your guide here now!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Martin Altherr - Entrepreneur / Coach

When it comes to Digitization - Stefan is the Go-To Expert."

Mahima Klinge - International Speaker

Stefan helped us to turn our Event business into a smooth running machine."

Vivienne Posch - TIR Consultant

I value his deep and extensive knowledge, and that he always finds a way to add more depth to everything we do."

Your main benefits


You don't need to learn or handle tech

Just follow along a straightforward, precise step-by-step guide and you will be set up in no time. 


You save time and money - a lot

Instead of wasting time, you safe it. 


Look even more professional and create trust in your ideal client

You create a deeper bond, which allows your clients to stay your clients!

Does this work for you?

It works for everyone

Even if you have no Tech-skills,

You are not Interest in learning Tech,

You don’t want to know how it possible should ever work,

Or simply dislike handling those tools yourself.

If you can watch Videos that are

very simple –

straightforward –

step-by-step guides.

That shows you every critical click...

You'll love this!

Stefan Logar

Authentic Digitization Expert - Loves to make Tech-Solutions simple!

I help people since 13 years, internationally, to handle their tech better.

I’ve spent over 43’754,80 Euro on:

  • Tools,
  • Programs,
  • Software,
  • Web-applications,
  • And life-time deals,

That helped me to find the best solutions out there for anyone!

Including you...

Not only when it comes to automation, but nearly anything really from interactive videos to organizing every detail in your business more accessibly.

I’ve setup all kinds of tools for

  • over 812 private clients
  • internationally
  • since 13 years.

With this experience I create ultra simple, step-by-step guides that anyone can use to make tech do what they want.

I am living with my Family, 5 Kids, and Wife since 2017 in the Philippines, and love to help people!

What will you get

Precise, short Videos that guide you step-by-step to every critical click you got to take. 

Your appointment booking will be automated in no time!

Tools that keep what they promise

And will save you 2-4 hours every week

Build trust and bond with your prospects and clients

You and everyone who books your appointments will love the experience

You can spent your time on doing what you love

Just follow the guide and your appointment booking will be ready to go fast


You lose between 2-4 hours every week for booking Appointments manually

that's nearly 16 hours a month

if you earn 50,-€ or more the hour you'll lose nearly

800,- € a month

that's 9'600,- € a year... gone! just for running after your appointments yourself!

Don't lose sleep over your appointment booking automation

You can get the matching solution here.

Just choose what is right for you and your appointment booking will be automated in no time.

Take control back
Avoid tech-overwhelm entirely
Keep doing what you do best

Your packages

Choose what suits you most and get started

only 197,- €

Simple, fast and effective step-by-step guide.

  • Clear step-by-step guide
  • simple, straight-forward video guides
  • Stress-free set up
  • your automation runs in 1-2 hours time
  • Build trust and a bond with your clients
  • look more professional
  • save time and money
  • get control back
  • keep doing what you do best and
  • Tech-Overwhelm
  • Figuring it out on your own 
  • Steep learning curve



exclusive Tech-LUX

only 555,75 €

We take the set up out of your hands. 

  • Everything from the Standard Version +
  • Everything from the Premium Version +
  • We do all the Tech for you
  • Still no Tech-Overwhelm
  • Figuring it out on your own 
  • Steep learning curve





Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If something doesn't work, leave us a comment and we are there for you!


What if I really dislike Technology?

Then the Tech-Lux Version where we take care of your set up is the best choice here. 

I don't need to know how it works? really?

You don't need to know the how... only that it will, if you dislike Tech, explaining the how will just hurt your head... :-)

There must be a cache, is there?

No, just follow along the step-by-step guide and you will be up and running in no time.

How long will it take me to set it all up?

1 to 2 hours of your time. Depending a bit on how fast you want it to work. However you can take as much time as you want. No pressure! 

What if the setup doesn't work for me? 

Each step is clear and in short videos described. If something doesn't work for you, just comment below the video and we will take a look! (Describe in detail what exactly didn't work, and make sure you didn't jump over steps... stay in the order and it works!)

How does the Tech-Lux version work?

1. You get a Questionnaire to answer everything we need for the set up

2. You book the tools that we recommend you

3. You give us access to your tools for the set up (once we are done, change your passwords)

4. You lean back, enjoy the bonus content and run your appointment booking on autopilot.  

Some more happy clients

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Stefan is somebody who can do it all!"

Paws Fur Life - Dog Massage & Nutrition

When it comes to digitization and automation, we always recommend Stefan..."

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