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Automate your Appointment Booking - Premium

Overview / Übersicht

Overview / Übersicht

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About/Über: Automate your Appointment Booking - Premium

Why would you want to automate your appointment booking?

1. You save time and money
2. You look more professional
3. You avoid cancelations
4. You build trust, with your clients
5. You build a deeper bond with your clients

And much more...

Here you learn how to do it, with:

A) The Right Tools
They are affordable and do what they promise

B) Easy - step-by-step to follow short and precise video guides.

This will help you to:

- Avoid Tech-Overwhelm
- Steer clear from frustration
- Save your time as you do not need to learn how to handle these tools
- You can set up all by simply following videos


You lose 2-4 hours every week for figuring out appointment slots with prospects and clients.
That's 16 hours a month.
If your hour is worth 50 € or even more, you lose
800,- € every month.
That's 9'600 € a year... gone
Just because you handle your appointment booking manually. 


1 Chapter / Kapitel

CH-1: Digital Calendar

Text lesson

About the Teacher / Über den Mentor

Stefan Logar

Well, my name is Stefan Logar. And I help people since 13 years, internationally, to handle their tech better.I’ve spent over 43’754 Euro and 80 cents on:

  • Tools,
  • Programs,
  • Software,
  • Web-applications,
  • And life-time deals,
That helped me to find the best solutions out there for anyone! Including you... Not only when it comes to automation, but nearly anything really from interactive videos to organizing every detail in your business more accessibly.I’ve setup all kinds of tools for over 812 private clients over the years.And helped them make their tech do what they want it to do.The experience from all this work allowed me to create ultra-simple, very easy to follow, step-by-step guides that anyone can use to make their tech work for them.
  • Even if you have no Tech-skills,
  • You are not Interest in it,
  • You don’t want to know how it possible should ever work,
  • Or simply dislike handling those tools yourself.
You just follow the steps, exactly, and it will work for you.

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