Wealth Creation

The Wealth Creation Formula

5 Modules 34 Lessons Easy

About this course

Only if you commit to yourself, to your life, to everything you want to accomplish.

Only then you can expect any kind of result.

Find here the commitment PDF File for your download. Print it and sign with your name!

Course Structure


01-Reality – Your Perception is a Center Element for Lasting Transformation

Learn what it takes to transform your life after your making...

03-Reality – Experience & Change

How to do that exactly is easier than you might think.

04-Reality – You are the foundation

To create lasting wealth, you need a strong foundation.

05-Reality – Your True Self Meditation

Meet your true self in this short but powerful meditation.

06-Reality – Skills, Talents = Income

Your true ability to earn is reflected in your skills, talents...

07-Reality – Sum it up

Let's sum it all up once more and see what you have learned so far!

08-Reality – Challenge

This is your personal 90-Day-Challenge.


01-Beliefs – Keep an open mind

The most important steps you can take to create wealth in your life is to keep an open mind and stay positive.

02-Beliefs – Mindset VS Belief

Understand the difference between a mindset and a belief system... and what both will do for or against you.

03-Beliefs – 10 crucial beliefs for you

These 10 Beliefs are most crucial to have and follow. With them, you shift your perception of wealth and money.

04-Beliefs – How to rebuild a belief system

How to reframe a belief system and establish a better, more supportive one, fairly quickly!

05-Beliefs – 80+ Beliefs reframed

True change is waiting exactly there.

06-Beliefs – Powerful affirmation

They are one part of a powerful perception shift.

07-Beliefs – Core fear and how to overcome it

...but they have evolved into 3 different core fears that are holding us back from achieving our true potentials.

08-Beliefs – Let your future self support you

How you can align the person you want and have to become...


01-Action – Find your money programming

Understand your money/wealth program.

02-Action – Appreciation VS hatred

Use a genius way to refocus your mind on how you want to act and behave toward the things you want the most in your life.

03-Action – Money habit

Tap into the flow of abundance and the well of money with this little practice.

05-Action – Money is your friend

begin to treat it like a dear friend

06-Action – Selfcare Selflove Confidence

You are the foundation for your wealth and well-being.

07-Action – Selling is essential

Without it, nothing ever happens on our planet.

08-Action – 3 profound questions

what questions you need to ask


01-Lift off – Desire, Goals, Success

Having goals is nice. But...

02-Lift off – Timeline & Plan

Make sure you have a plan ready.

03-Lift off – Belief in yourself

If you truly want to succeed, then you need to turn to faith!

04-Lift off – Positivity practice

Being positive has more benefits than it leads on

05-Lift off – Finish what you start

Always finish what you start

06-Lift off – Foundation to wealth = Skills

Your foundation to your wealth is you!

07-Lift off – How to get unstuck

If you are stuck while creating change, and lasting results...

08-Lift off – Commitment Booster

Your commitment to yourself and your goals is the key!


Powerful Integration Meditation – Transform your Obstacles into Allies

It helps you to understand and receive the power of the obstacle you have been facing and turn it into a powerful ally